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you've found love
(and now there's more in store for you!)

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clues & locations

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 You are lucky.

If you’ve found a puzzle piece, you're in the right place. 

You are one of the introspective people. You search for meaning in life. You can't help but believe in magic. 

And you're going to find love everywhere now, because love is where you look for it.

What if love can be found in the most unusual places? Imagine it wedged into a stone archway. Or in a crack in the wall at the Scholar’s Gate… What if we've been ignoring it?


If you’ve opened, you must continue to play the game *just like the envelope said - and once you've made your connection, and gotten the code from the person who has the piece with the matching letter, the prize you get will be worthwhile. I can't tell you what it is yet, because love doesn't really follow set expectations, 

but trust me.


Every card has a lotto ticket within it, because sometimes love can feel like that. But you’ll notice the lotto tickets say “it takes two”, because, while we are whole on our own, together we are able to build something and we reap greater rewards. 


It’s all about connection. 


Post on instagram #rewriteromance with your piece and join to chat in the group. 


Hidden Locations

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Astoria Park, Hell's Gate Bridge

Astoria, Tree of Kindness
*Geocache location assistance

Central Park, Scholar's Gate

Central Park, Riftstone arch 72nd st.
*Geocache location assistance

Washington Square Park,
behind Washington.. in the door

Washington Square Park,
Southern side by NYU


Documentary coming soon, 
if you have a password to access the footage, enter it below:

Extended Sample

Sample Trailer

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